While in the legislature Darren voted for and supported the Tennessee Promise, a program that offers free community college tuition to graduating high school seniors who participate in free mentoring services. He continues to support efforts to provide universal pre-kindergarten to all Tennessee children so our children can begin school ready to learn. Darren opposes voucher programs that will take your tax dollars away from public schools to spend on private tuition vouchers. And Darren is proud to have voted to support our teachers by giving them a 2% raise they were promised while still balancing the budget.

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Health Care

Every family should have a family doctor, a right to choose that doctor, and no parent should have to choose between going to the doctor and putting food on the table. Darren co-sponsored legislation that would accept $2.5 million a day in federal funds to give up to 330,000 Tennesseans access to health care, keeping rural hospitals open, creating jobs and growing our economy in the process.

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Darren believes in free trade but he also believes in fair trade. First, while government cannot create jobs, it can provide an atmosphere to promote jobs through innovation, research, grants and loans. Darren believes we should give a tax holiday to small business similar to the tax holiday we give for education. He also firmly believes that a Tennessee businesses should have first crack at state and local contracts, so our tax dollars create jobs here, not other states or overseas.

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